In “Nostalgia just isn’t an alternative for an authentic Story”, Raven compliments Starfire’s hairstyle, that the second appreciates

In “Nostalgia just isn’t an alternative for an authentic Story”, Raven compliments Starfire’s hairstyle, that the second appreciates

In “Nostalgia just isn’t an alternative for an authentic Story”, Raven compliments Starfire’s hairstyle, that the second appreciates

On the other hand, currently, the known events of Raven showing obvious irritation towards Starfire include in “insane time” when Starfire joins inside boys’ craziness and “Kabooms” whenever she snaps at Starfire, exactly who begs this lady to get the makeup musician, to keep down with “are you currently kidding me?

In “The information!”, Starfire grieves after Raven directs aforementioned’s waffle maker into the rubbish can, unintentionally generating Starfire feels uneasy when she plus the young men disapprove Starfire connecting making use of the scoop as well as Starfire happens as far as kidnapping the lady and the males to coerce these to tell in which has got the scoop eliminated before she as well as the boys agree the connection between Starfire and information. However, she together with kids are increasingly being forgiven by Starfire causing all of them celebrate for your activities they build mounted on.

She afterwards provides Starfire advice on how to precisely reply to the 2 80s ladies that like the second’s hair by describing the meaning of this slang.

In “Lil’ Dimples”, Raven is being comforted by Starfire exactly who informs the girl that the lady parent could be the issue. This woman is after getting advised by Starfire on not to push by herself too difficult on doing the lady party.

In “Girls Night In”, Raven can not accept Starfire’s pleasure relating to on Blackfire’s check out and alerts this lady that Blackfire merely schemes to beat Earth during their night out using the some other women. However, she really does feeling pitiful for Starfire that has been denounced by Blackfire, and together with the other ladies, finally assists Starfire on defeating Blackfire.

In “monster guy on a Shelf”, Starfire and Raven connect over attracting a derogatory doodle of Santa Claus employing indicators about wall.

In “Bat Scouts”, Starfire brings Raven, Cyborg and Beast son each a friendship wristband she’s generated, which Raven finds it cool in return.

In “Jam”, Starfire and Raven’s connection shines if they are rollerblading in sync with each other, competing contrary to the Brainy Brawlers alongside Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and Catwoman, in addition to pursuing the three Gotham Sirens with a powerful screen of friendship and solidarity following the a couple of them realize the three villainesses has deceived all of them.

In spite of her nearness, there are occasions where Raven’s behavior making Starfire distressed. In “Second Christmas time”, Raven, Cyborg and creature Boy is envious that Starfire receives the chance to enjoy a aˆ?second Christmasaˆ? so that they compose a Second Christmas time. Following the the fact is revealed because of the three (due to Robin’s energy), Raven attempts to apologize but Starfire happens nuts and Raven lays unconscious together with the three males and Silkie and will get taken to medical center following the Tower gets blown up. Additionally, in “Secret Garden”, Starfire isn’t pleased to see Raven entering the backyard without approval and soon after Starfire was heartbroken observe Raven emptying the life span power on the plants. In “Real artwork”, Starfire actually goes so far as trapping Raven together with young men within the memorial via Rainbow Raider’s aid because Raven additionally the men have harsh views from the pet paint she bought from Rainbow Raider.

” (though she has to please Starfire by praising the costumes as “very good”). The harshest time is when Starfire (like magnificent Quad) turns evil with the rest for the boys as the members of League of Legs and Raven (being Mega Legasus) crushed their legs (counting Starfire’s) to be able to diminish the wicked power inside legs.


Raven is generally annoyed by Cyborg’s immaturity and selfishness, especially when he produces issues along with his closest friend monster son or compels their to sign up in recreation she dislikes, but deep down she cares about your.

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